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Self-portrait of me sitting in the coffee shop working on my blog (see tip #5).

5 Tips for Surviving Gay Middle Age

So, here I am. About to turn 37 and things haven’t turned out exactly how I imagined they’d be at this stage of life. Yep, I’m still single, forty pounds overweight, and not as financially secure as I think someone my age should be. Now, I could either go into a mid-life crisis inspired downward […]

pura-vida interior

My Casual Chic Orgasmic Dining Experience

Saturday night I had the wonderful experience of helping a friend celebrate her 40th birthday in Cleveland foodie style. And no better way to do that than splurging on a lavish dinner in the now thriving downtown restaurant district. I’m going to cut straight to the chase on this review. After last night’s experience, Pura […]


Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

I call this one “a hotel room in San Francisco.” I think it speaks to that ever-so-familiar loneliness that sets in when traveling alone.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

This week’s post comes to you courtesy of a rainy day in Cleveland back in 2010. You see, this morning I was digging through my hard drive of archived photos and came across this iPhone snap shot I took a few years ago. Now, if you saw my hard drive, you’d discover it’s pretty jam […]


dandelion puff

Yesterday, I took my dog for a walk and was struck by the beautiful simplicity of this lone dandelion puff. Intrigued by it’s perfect shape, I anchored myself on my belly and angled my iPhone, just so, to captured what I think is a pretty decent shot. Initially I was inspired to write a long […]


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