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Nuts & Berries

Okay, so perhaps I am becoming one of those nuts and berries maniacs that I mentioned in my last post, but just look at this fabulously stocked refrigerator. It's jam-packed with a week's worth of healthy meals for the office, all prepped, proportioned, and rearin' to go (gotta love those cheap ziplock containers). Here we […]

Progress Report

What’s up soccer moms! It’s your GBFF (gay best friend forever) here, and thanks for stopping by my little ‘ole blog. Today I’m about as giddy as a 40-year-old bridesmaid at a Debbie Gibson comeback concert, and here’s why. It’s been about six weeks since I started my “get my a$$ back in the gym” […]


I let myself down. I only made it to the gym twice this past week. Therefore I’m foregoing my Sunday morning weigh in. I must make it to the gym today. I must get four to five miles in on the treadmill. I feel defeated, and I must change gears and get back on track […]


The Little Black Shirt

Interestingly, as I dive deeper into my Aaron in Wanderlust blogging venture, I’ve come to discover that this blog is carving a niche with suburban housewives. I guess it’s because you all want to live vicariously through the ordinary life of a bi-racial gay man. So soccer moms, today I thought I’d give you a […]

My Runner’s Keeper

Well, January has come and gone and it actually turned out to be a great month in terms of embarking on my new year’s resolution to lose 30 pounds. Unfortunately, my blogging intentions have suffered a bit due to all of the time I’m spending at the gym. So I’ve been spending all this time […]


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