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Yep, it’s summertime and if you’re like me, time management has taken an extended vacation. Besides, who wants to slave over a hot stove in these humid temps? That said, I’ve come up with a few easy snacks that can be whipped up in a jiffy. Tomato Kabobs I’m dubbing these “Tomato Kabobs,” (if that […]

Rejection is the Greatest Aphrodisiac

Today turned out to be one of those perfect summer days. I simply cannot describe it any other way. I awoke at 8 a.m. and was greeted by a light breeze and a little summer rain. By the time I was dressed and ready to take the dog for his walk the rain was gone. […]

Guitar Strumming Lesbians and Hipsters with Electric Violins

Why is it so hard for us to be forthright in what we want when it comes to relationships? I hadn’t made my afternoon stop at the coffee shop in a few days. I figured it was best to keep my distance for a few days after I sent the barista the facebook message. But […]

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Wandering Through the Blogosphere

It’s somewhat ironic that the theme of this blog is about a life in wanderlust when I hardly have enough stamps on my passport to consider myself the jet-setter I long to be. Independent financial wealth (or lack thereof) has a lot to do with my ability to explore the world. For now, wanderlust is more of […]

No Need to Ask the Smoothie Operator

The gym that I belong to isn’t just a gym, it’s a luxury spa-like fitness mega center which costs upwards of $100 per month to belong. It’s a bit of a stretch for my budget, but I’ve found it to be an investment that’s paying off in the self-esteem department. The fitness center has all […]

I walked into the party like I was walking onto a yacht

I’m back in Cleveland today. To be honest, it was a bit of a hum drum day. Nothing challenging at work, no news on the romance front. In other words, I haven’t received a response from the barista. Because of the business trip, I had to take the past two days off from the gym. […]

It’s Just a Little Crush

Today, I did it. I finally asked the barista out. Well, sorta. I woke up in my hotel room this morning still thinking about what I’m going to do about this crush of mine. So, over the $15 bowl hotel cafe oatmeal, otherwise known as “the healthy start” on the menu, I made the decision […]

The So-Called “Massage Therapist”

Today was quite an interesting day to say the least. First, I dropped my car off at The Glass Doctor to get the passenger side window replaced. Then it was off to work for a couple meetings, then returned home to “the mansion” for a quick lunch before packing it up to head out on […]

Crime Spree

Got up bright and early this morning, ready to tackle the day, only to discover that my car had been broken into over the night. My neighbor’s car got hit too. Mine was the fifth car to have been broken into over the past two weeks on our street. Interestingly, nothing has been stolen from […]

The Wanderlust Diaries

Many of the “writing” blogs I follow offer one common piece of advice. And that is to make time in your daily routine for writing. Personally, I think this suggestion is ludicrous as it is a near impossible habit to form. Or is it? Apparently this is something authentic writers do with ease. So I […]


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