Wandering Through the Blogosphere

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It’s somewhat ironic that the theme of this blog is about a life in wanderlust when I hardly have enough stamps on my passport to consider myself the jet-setter I long to be. Independent financial wealth (or lack thereof) has a lot to do with my ability to explore the world. For now, wanderlust is more of an aspiration.

It’s a good thing I’ve got the interwebz to help me live vicariously through the lives of others. I’ve wandered through the blogosphere and have recently stumbled across a few gems that are well worth a read:

Cooke Cape May  – Speaking of wanderlust, have you ever fantasized about owning and operating a quaint little inn in an eastern coastal town? But what happens when your maintenance man gets laid up, and the guests need tending to? Follow John’s adventures at the Victorian Motel in Cape May, New Jersey.

Godless Cranium – For stimulating conversation and a mish mash of a whole lot of other things that make sense, Godless Cranium serves up the posts and dispells those nasty myths about non-believers. It’s a good read.

Mike’s Look at Life – Who doesn’t love a good story based on actual events? Mike’s blog is by far the best memoir blog I’ve stumbled across in a long time. From the dramatic to tragic and everything in between, his storytelling will suck you in. I especially enjoyed The Ride of which the best part is the footnote at the end of the post.



  1. Wow. Thank you very much. I’m honored to be mentioned in your blog!

    I’ll go check out Mike’s blog as well.

    Thanks again!

    1. Keep up the intelligent blogging!

  2. Likewise, and thanks quickly, today is one of “those” days. Cheers.

    1. Keep living the dream! Perhaps, I’ll get to take a wanderlust adventure to Cape May someday!

  3. Much appreciated. Generous and thoughtful.

    1. Great work! I can’t wait to sit down and dive deep into your blog when I’ve got a little more time on my hands.

      1. Very cool of you, thanks Aaron.

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