Guitar Strumming Lesbians and Hipsters with Electric Violins

Why is it so hard for us to be forthright in what we want when it comes to relationships?

I hadn’t made my afternoon stop at the coffee shop in a few days. I figured it was best to keep my distance for a few days after I sent the barista the facebook message. But today I was craving my afternoon caffeine fix. Plus I figured I’m going to have to face him at some point anyways. Although we are friends on facebook, it’s clear he doesn’t log in that often given his lack of status updates. So I wasn’t entirely sure he had got the message.

I arrived at the shop around 5:45 p.m. and I felt a momentary spike of adrenaline shoot through me when I saw him behind the counter. There’s something about his dark eyes and mischevious grin that stirs something in me. He was particularly chatty this evening and asked me if I’d be sticking around for the musical act. The coffee shop hosts live musicians on Friday nights. Usually it’s some skinny-jean wearing hipster with an electric violin or a guitar strumming chick with a pixie cut and tattoo sleeves running up her arms. I digress…

I couldn’t take it any more, so I asked him if he got my message. He smiled real big and said, “I’m sorry, man. I’m a dork. I hardly ever log into Facebook.” We chatted a bit longer. He asked me how my day was and what not. I always enjoy conversations with him. Watching his lips move is like seeing a meticulously choreographed ballet.

Later when I got home I logged into Facebook messenger and saw that the message had been marked as “seen” at 2:50 p.m. that afternoon. So, why did he pretend he didn’t see the message? Was he offended? Not interested?

 (wanderlust dateline: June 20, 2014)


  1. Maybe embarrassed he didn’t answer or forgot to answer. Maybe someone he knows logged in using his account.

    Just throwing some possibilities your way.

    1. Yikes, how embarrassing would that be if someone else was using his account and saw the message. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s diary entry, there is a resolve.

  2. Reminds me of my last boyfriend. He was a bartender at my local gay bar. (FYI: Good advice- never date a bartender) Something about seeing him stand behind that bar, the way the lights highlighted his sexy smile, the way his ass looked in his jeans when he turned to face the cash register and the sexiness of a man who can mix one hell of a martini. He still gets my gut flipping. It’s really amazing how we just feel stuff with our bodies. Even after he turned out to be a jerk. I’m sorry I got caught up in my memory. :-) I loved how you talked about his lips moving. I’m curious to see what happens.

    1. Your last boyfriend sounds irresistible. Sorry to hear he turned out to be a jerk.

      1. Thank you. He was a great learning experience. I’ve been reading through your blog for half an hour now. You are fascinating.

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