Hello my friend. And so you’ve found me lost in wanderlust. How is this blog different than my other blogging attempts, you ask? Well, it’s more about my personal journey through life. You see, I’m a nearly 37 year-old, 38-year-old, soon to be 39, bi-racial, gay man living in the midwest who fantasizes about a life more simple, more fulfilling, more complete… hence “Aaron in Wanderlust.” Get it? It’s a play on Alice in Wonderland…. ha! I crack myself up!

Anyways, now back to our story…. In order to live the simple life I visualize there are four goals I need to accomplish by age 40. These are:

  1. Get out of debt and secure my financial freedom
  2. Make a career change (from monotonous corporate middle-manager to exciting travel/photo blogger)
  3. Have a successful blog (hopefully this one)
  4. Make the necessary lifestyle changes to get myself back to a healthy physically fit weight

So there you have it. This blog will provide a candid look as to how I plan to climb my way out of the rabbit hole one step at a time. Can I get it done by age 40? Join me for the adventure and see for yourself.


  1. I am behind you my friend; your journey is a worthy and marvelous one!

  2. I love Aaron in Wanderlust!! We are all trying to climb out of that hole!!

  3. Hello Aaron,

    You are now a ‘bff’ (boyfriend factory friend)!

    I’m so happy that you stopped by my blog so that I could discover yours and follow along on your journey.

    Thanks for following my blog and I hope that you will tell all of your friends and followers about the factory so that we can open the doors for as many people as possible


  4. At 32 years old I find myself faced with those exact same 4 goals. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see someone else say the same things I am beating myself up about internally. It’s always good to know you are not alone. I’m interested to follow your journey, my friend.

  5. Oooogh! Exciting goals!

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