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Eight first dates

Sunday evening, no television, limited online engagement, just some chamomile tea, La Vie En Rose on Pandora, and good old fashion journaling (with a pen and paper). Ah… perfect. And now I’m ready to face the week ahead. So, about that “Eight first dates” journal entry? Relationships have been on my mind a lot lately. More […]

Tourism is booming on Broadway!

The San Francisco of the South

Note: See the rest of my Nashville pics on Instagram @aaroninwanderlust I spent the better part of this week in Nashville and I must say, the music city turned out nothing like I expected. And that’s a good thing. Granted, having spent just a few days here for an industry conference, I perhaps only saw a […]

Last Saturday

I think what’s going on between me and the 25-year-old bartender is, perhaps, nothing more than just amusement. But I must admit, I think about him a lot. Is it just a crush? Am I infatuated? Am I making a damn fool out of myself with my pining over him? Honestly, I could hardly wait […]

Flirting Noah

Every Saturday morning I go to this certain bougie restaurant around the corner from my apartment.  I sit at the bar and order eggs benedict, a coffee, and a mimosa or two. What can I say? It’s my weekly routine. Not to mention that eggs benedict is my absolute favorite brunch food…ever! But it’s not […]

Strange Relationships

This isn’t to say that I haven’t had romances. If I were to use the word “relationship” loosely, then there have been many. But it seems these so-called relationships never pan out to be anything more than a second or third date (if that) and then evolve into something along the lines of friendships.

I didn't create this mess all by myself. The shih tzu helped.

My Life as a Gay Bachelor

The totally awesome thing about being single and living alone is that I get to stay out as late as I want. I can leave the toothbrush lying on the sink without repercussion. And do things like strip down to my underwear and throw my clothes over the side chair without so much as an argument. […]

holding court

Isn’t it funny how you can go your entire life never hearing a phrase or expression that apparently the rest of the world is tuned into, and then all of a sudden it pops up all around you, from different sources multiple times, in a span of a few days? I had never heard anyone […]


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