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Tourism is booming on Broadway!

The San Francisco of the South

Note: See the rest of my Nashville pics on Instagram @aaroninwanderlust I spent the better part of this week in Nashville and I must say, the music city turned out nothing like I expected. And that’s a good thing. Granted, having spent just a few days here for an industry conference, I perhaps only saw a […]

There's an app for that!

There’s an App for that in Ferndale

So last weekend I went up to Detroit to visit with my friend James. Although I did not take many pictures this trip, I did manage to snap this shot of a parking meter I happened upon while lunching in the suburb of Ferndale. In my opinion this pic is pretty cool, and believe it […]

The beautifully landscaped terraces at The Lake House Inn and Winery are a perfect spot to sip a 5 p.m. cocktail.

My Geneva on the Lake Adventure

For many outsiders, Northeast Ohio probably doesn’t come to mind when it comes to beach destinations. But the truth is we’re located on the shores of Lake Erie and there is a reason why it’s called a Great Lake. That’s because it’s a huge, monstrosity of a body of water. And along with that comes […]

It is rumored among my Instagram pals that Michigan Central Station may be the most photographed ruin in Detroit.

Wanderlust in Detroit

So it appears as though I’ve been doing a bad job at keeping up with blogging this summer. With this being my first post in well over a month it could be said that the emotion of wanderlust comes and goes. Which could be both good and bad. The good is that when wanderlust is […]


Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

I call this one “a hotel room in San Francisco.” I think it speaks to that ever-so-familiar loneliness that sets in when traveling alone.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life

It’s 6:45 a.m. and the alarm on my iPhone has just gone off for the second time this morning. I don’t want to get up. I just want to pull the covers over my head and bask in the cozy warmth of my bed. As I attempt to enjoy just a few more moments of […]


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