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a frustrated writer’s rant

Okay, so here is what I think my biggest challenge is when it comes to writing. I attempt to edit while in the draft stage. I’ll write a sentence, then erase it and spend an hour thinking about the structure of the sentence (read: I have little confidence in my grammatical skills). Finally, I’ll come […]


Six reasons to drive a small car

To me, frugal living isn’t about buying my Sunday best at the Goodwill or hoarding wads of cash in my mattress. It’s about spending wisely and ensuring I’m saving enough towards my long term goals. One of the strategies I’ve developed to help me accomplish these financial goals is to identify day-to-day expense categories in […]

The pros and cons of anonymous blogging

Last week I wrote about a certain challenging writing affliction I’ve come down with called “self-censorship.” I also vowed to improve the content here at Aaron in Wanderlust through memoir-style writing with a sense of authenticity (being true to oneself). That said, I’ve been busy writing a few short snapshots of my life. Nothing quite ready for […]

the self-censored blogger

As you can see by my ten month absence from posting, the thought of giving up blogging had occurred to me. Then last month I received a barrage of emails several friendly reminders from WordPress notifying me that my domain was soon due for renewal. Although I had reservations about my contributions to the blogosphere, […]

Six things to accomplish this week.

Get a morning run in before work at least 2 x Pack lunch every day this week. No frivolous spending. Get four weight training sessions in before Saturday. No alcohol. No eating out.


look me in the eye

It’s been a little over a month since I last posted to this blog. But you know what? Life happens. Speaking of life, a lot has transpired since we last spoke. Way too much to attempt to divulge in this post. But perhaps the most significant event to cause me to pause and put life […]


I let myself down. I only made it to the gym twice this past week. Therefore I’m foregoing my Sunday morning weigh in. I must make it to the gym today. I must get four to five miles in on the treadmill. I feel defeated, and I must change gears and get back on track […]


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