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hashtag: single, nearly 40, and quite desperate

This morning, as I was lounging around enjoying my coffee and listening to Studio 360 on NPR, I was startled by a knock at the back door.Well, who could that be? No one ever pops by for a visit. I was pleased to discover it was my neighbor who also happens to be an extremely […]

Guitar Strumming Lesbians and Hipsters with Electric Violins

Why is it so hard for us to be forthright in what we want when it comes to relationships? I hadn’t made my afternoon stop at the coffee shop in a few days. I figured it was best to keep my distance for a few days after I sent the barista the facebook message. But […]


The Little Black Shirt

Interestingly, as I dive deeper into my Aaron in Wanderlust blogging venture, I’ve come to discover that this blog is carving a niche with suburban housewives. I guess it’s because you all want to live vicariously through the ordinary life of a bi-racial gay man. So soccer moms, today I thought I’d give you a […]

Self-portrait of me sitting in the coffee shop working on my blog (see tip #5).

5 Tips for Surviving Gay Middle Age

So, here I am. About to turn 37 and things haven’t turned out exactly how I imagined they’d be at this stage of life. Yep, I’m still single, forty pounds overweight, and not as financially secure as I think someone my age should be. Now, I could either go into a mid-life crisis inspired downward […]


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