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Last Saturday

I think what’s going on between me and the 25-year-old bartender is, perhaps, nothing more than just amusement. But I must admit, I think about him a lot. Is it just a crush? Am I infatuated? Am I making a damn fool out of myself with my pining over him? Honestly, I could hardly wait […]

Flirting Noah

Every Saturday morning I go to this certain bougie restaurant around the corner from my apartment.  I sit at the bar and order eggs benedict, a coffee, and a mimosa or two. What can I say? It’s my weekly routine. Not to mention that eggs benedict is my absolute favorite brunch food…ever! But it’s not […]

I didn't create this mess all by myself. The shih tzu helped.

My Life as a Gay Bachelor

The totally awesome thing about being single and living alone is that I get to stay out as late as I want. I can leave the toothbrush lying on the sink without repercussion. And do things like strip down to my underwear and throw my clothes over the side chair without so much as an argument. […]

hashtag: single, nearly 40, and quite desperate

This morning, as I was lounging around enjoying my coffee and listening to Studio 360 on NPR, I was startled by a knock at the back door.Well, who could that be? No one ever pops by for a visit. I was pleased to discover it was my neighbor who also happens to be an extremely […]

Guitar Strumming Lesbians and Hipsters with Electric Violins

Why is it so hard for us to be forthright in what we want when it comes to relationships? I hadn’t made my afternoon stop at the coffee shop in a few days. I figured it was best to keep my distance for a few days after I sent the barista the facebook message. But […]


The Little Black Shirt

Interestingly, as I dive deeper into my Aaron in Wanderlust blogging venture, I’ve come to discover that this blog is carving a niche with suburban housewives. I guess it’s because you all want to live vicariously through the ordinary life of a bi-racial gay man. So soccer moms, today I thought I’d give you a […]

Self-portrait of me sitting in the coffee shop working on my blog (see tip #5).

5 Tips for Surviving Gay Middle Age

So, here I am. About to turn 37 and things haven’t turned out exactly how I imagined they’d be at this stage of life. Yep, I’m still single, forty pounds overweight, and not as financially secure as I think someone my age should be. Now, I could either go into a mid-life crisis inspired downward […]


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